Every company should have a mission, as well as policies and procedures to help guide its employees toward accomplishing that mission.

Some companies do not obtain a handbook because they are afraid of being bound by the rules, but this is unjustified. Consider some of the following reasons for having an employment handbook prepared by an employment attorney:

  • The benefits set forth in your handbook can be a powerful recruiting tool.

  • Your employees will know exactly what is expected of them.

  • When an unexpected situation arises, you can eliminate guesswork
    by following established company policy.

  • Some workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits can be
    denied if an employee knowingly violates a written work rule.

  • Companies are frequently without a defense to harassment and
    discrimination claims if they do not have policies addressing these issues.

  • A well-documented termination, pursuant to a clear progressive discipline policy,
    will almost always defeat th
    reatened litigation.


We have yet to see a single handbook prepared by someone other than an employment attorney that was legally compliant. Why take the risk?

Do-It-Yourself Handbook – $1,000


Because we strongly believe every employer should have a legally-compliant handbook, and consistent with our goal of providing cost-effective products and service, we offer a “Do-It-Yourself” Handbook.

The regular price for our handbook services is $1,900, but you can save $900 with the “Do-It-Yourself” Handbook! We will provide you electronic and print copies of our form handbook, which you review and tailor to fit your unique workplace. Once your revisions are complete, provide us with a redlined version of the handbook. Attorney Rose will then review your changes to ensure that they are in full compliance with current state and federal laws.

Even if you have a handbook, this product can be useful in helping you ensure your policies are up to date. The laws are constantly changing, and it is important that your policies are reviewed on a regular basis for legal compliance.

Others may sell you a handbook kit, but will not provide a final review by an attorney, and this is important. A slight word change ~ or omission of a policy you assume is unnecessary ~ can result in consequences you never expected.

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