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We expertly represent employers’ interests in legal matters relating to employment law, workers’ compensation, and other employment-related issues.

Personal Attention


Your case deserves absolute dedication. That’s why Attorney Rose is involved in every legal matter. Unlike the big firms, there’s no B-team here.

Better Value


Our goal of prevention, combined with low overhead, ensures clients pay less in the long run. Sara L. Rose, LLC is committed to protecting your bottom line – not ours.

Are you prepared?


Litigation happens. Despite your best intentions, it will probably happen to you. Are you 100% sure you are properly prepared? Just a little legal work can significantly reduce the risk to your business. Protect your interests today.

We Can Help You Minimize Risk.


Sound human resource policies, together with proper documentation, can significantly reduce your legal risk and can help head off problems before they begin. Clients benefit from critical legal updates. Call us to find out how we can help your business with expertly prepared employee handbooks, employment contracts, employment applications, severance agreements, and non-complete/non-disclosure agreements.

What you don’t know can hurt you.


You must comply with ever-changing employment laws, whether you know about them or not. We focus on educating our clients before problems arise, and not just responding to crises as they occur.


For example, you may not know:

  • Salaried employees may be entitled to overtime pay.

  • Some questions are illegal to ask during a job interview, or on a job application.

  • Properly drafted employment policies can be used to defeat employment litigation, workers’ compensation claims, and unemployment claims.

  • You generally may not take deductions from payroll checks without your employees’ written permission – even if they owe you money.

  • You may be able to significantly reduce the amount of time an employee has to file suit against you.

  • Supervisors, managers, and human resource professionals may be sued personally for alleged violations of the FMLA and state anti-discrimination statutes.



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Please note, we represent employers only.

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